Daddy EP

by Rose Gold

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Kryssannie I swear that each time I listen to this album I get a little closer to developing venomous fangs in my vagina. Favorite track: Snakes: For Ben.
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released December 20, 2013

Recorded at Boxwood Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Jason Walton



all rights reserved


Rose Gold Bozeman, montana

"Lavender scented corpse paint"

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Track Name: Ramsey's Choice
Oh Jonbenet I know what they did to you my Daddy killed me too,
Raw lips, pulled hair, those awful shoes, my Mommy hurt me too,
I know.

We sit and stare admiring Heaven's view, my Daddy killed me too.
They dug their teeth right into you, someday they'll burn in hell
I know.

There is no peace for those who die alone, I'll walk you home.

Jonbenet I know what he did to you, my Daddy killed me too.
The sky, the earth, the sky is blue, they took it all from you I know.

There is no peace for those who die alone, I hear the moans, lost girl.

If I ever find who hurt you I'll kill them too.
Track Name: Snakes: For Ben
You keep your hands off me
I'll slit your throat and hang you from the ceiling.
Stone the whore and skin her cold,
For the Bible tells me so.

I'm going to cut you down, you don't know what I'm capable of.
I'm going to cut him down.

These men are snakes and I just take what I can get,
Hate begets hate.
Lying snakes, get away
These men are snakes, these men are snakes.

You have poisoned my well, sent dead energy to me
and no crystal, cross or rosary could cleanse your send from me,
leave me be.
Satan get behind me.

Cleanse this sin from me so I can breathe.
Track Name: Lilith
You saw the womb that bleeds,
You saw the thoughts that rot my brain like cavities.
Send me back to Hell with the whores and thieves,
When I decompose will you come and visit me?

Send me back to Hell.

Unfinished sympathies are sweet and red
But flowers on your grave won't mean shit when you're dead.

Send me back to Hell with the whores and thieves,
We crawl on our arms, we fall to our knees.
You saw the piss, and the bile and shit,
What did you want with it?

In Heaven everything is fine.
Track Name: Bodies
I hang from your words like the wires in my closet,
and I'm chewing on my teeth so if you'd really like to go,
Please let me know.

Tack me down with nails so I can't get away,
But do all bodies look this way, does my body feel the same
Please let me know.

Do you want me like I want you, let me know.
But don't you touch me, don't you dare
I'm getting scared, don't make me scared.

I hung from his words like the rope in my closet
and I'm chewing on my teeth so if you'd really like to go just let me know.
Track Name: Lady Lazarus
Lyrics taken from the poems "Daddy" and "Lady Lazarus" by Sylvia Plath:

I have done it again, one year in every ten,
I have done it again, one year, every ten I manage it.

You do not do, you do not do,
Anymore my black shoe, we do not dare to breathe or a-choo
Bright as a Nazi lampshade.

Herr God, Herr Lucifer,
Beware, beware.
Out of the ash I rise with my red hair,
and I eat men like air.

Black man bit my pretty red heart in two.
Auschwitz, Belsen, I could be a jew.
Bright as a Nazi lampshade.

Brute heart of a brute, brute man like you.
Daddy, Daddy you bastard, I'm through.