Century Of The Self

by Rose Gold

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released December 21, 2014

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Ron Sanchez
Mastered by Jason Walton of Earth In Sound Studios



all rights reserved


Rose Gold Bozeman, montana

"Lavender scented corpse paint"

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Track Name: Century of the Self
Blind men patronize,
I hear their hair on fire
Burning, lying chair
Take your shit empire


There is something to be said for a man who isn't dead
But there's evil in his head
and Mother's car is repossessed
and I'm stagnant like the wires,
I have slept a thousand times
on the bones of a cold bed.
There's no holiness,
only empty, cavernous dread.
There is evil in my head.

Rats and rats on fire,
laughing in the mire.
Burning funeral pyre,
take your shit empire.

My country tis of thee,
sweet land of blood money.
Track Name: Lavender
Birdie Bowie

I hear noises outside,
grey as Jehovah's sky.
The lovers are selfish
and fleeting as thunder.
You're smoky like lavender.

They're going to put you on trial
with all the beggars,
and the liars, and the thieves
what will they do with you and me.

I hear people outside,
flags burning like Jehovah's sky.
The people are screaming
and fleeing like thunder.
I'm smoking like lavender.

God save us all.
Track Name: Father's Son
When I am walking home I see the trees,
the leaves turn into corpses of the spring.
I see the glaring lights of my tv.
It means nothing at all, nothing to me.

His hair is running wild,
but not for me.
Our minds are flesh and blood,
but he is clean.
How many years of earth under my feet
Before I'm worth the dirt under my feet.

Languid smoke, I will go
through the wind, through the snow
But if you won't, I don't know
If you won't, I don't know.